Casa Rural La Jirola II Mirador

Casa Rural La Jirola II Mirador
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The La Jirola II Mirador Country House is located in the province of Almeria, in a small rural setting in the district of Abrucena, one of the white-washed villages on the north face of Sierra Nevada. It's one of those places you dream about when you're tired and looking to escape from your daily routine, where time stands still and everything is perfect.

The La Jirola II Mirador Country House is up on the higher side of Abrucena, on the outskirts of the town, specifically above the La Jirola irrigation channel to which the name of the house refers.

La Jirola II Mirador is just one of several comfortable accommodations which have all you need for a few wonderful days rest and pleasant evenings. La Jirola I Balcón Country House.

La Jirola II Mirador has several bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a living room with fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen opening on to the salon. Outside there is a terrace, a barbecue, a lookout point towards Sierra Nevada and an outdoor picnic area.

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Casa Rural La Jirola II Mirador
Calle Aguila Baja, Carretera La Roza, 71, 04520
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