Air of Seville, an oasis in the heart of Santa Cruz

Air of Seville, an oasis in the heart of Santa Cruz


Take a swim in one of the most marvellous places in Seville. An ancient Moorish bath, restored in the 16th century, whose spa will fascinate you.

One of the most extraordinary places that you mustn't miss if you visit Seville is AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla, located in the centre of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood and which we could describe as an oasis in the heart of Seville.

A space for relaxation, for totally disconnecting, for forgetting your routine and being transported back to the old Seville when this hammam was still being used.

Many people travel to Seville, not knowing that there is place that has been an architectural witness to the many cultures that have passed through this city and which, in AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla, these cultures have been stopped in time with the magnificent Mudéjar coffering, vaulted ceilings, Roman stalls, lattices and panelled ceilings

Entering this bath is like entering a paradise for the senses, where relaxation and history go hand in hand, because it was built on an old Moorish Hamman and Roman remains that were restored in the 16th centurywhen a Viceroy from India built a beautiful palace on it.

A palace, which many people don't expect to find when walking down Aire street, that still manages to surprise everyone who comes across it.

Places that are living traces of history and which time has wanted to keep a secret under the city, although luckily, we can show you here so as you can enjoy them as well. Don't tell anyone!

One of the best sunsets in Seville

One of the best things we can enjoy in many homes in the centre of Seville, such as the one we are in now, is from their marvellous roofs. The centre of Seville is one of the few historic centres that can boast an “unwritten rule” in which none of the buildings can be taller than the Giralda. The result? Surprising viewpoints from a countless number of the marvellous terraces with swimming pool such as that of AIRE Ancient Baths Sevilla, at the top of the palace.

And if enjoying the views of Seville from the rooftops is a feast for the eyes, try it during the so-called “magical hour", just after dusk and before nightfall, where the electric blue of the sky and the beautiful lights of the Giralda blend in colours resulting in immaculate postcard scenes like this one. Find out for yourself.

Wine, salt from Himalaya, Argan oil...fancy a massage?

Just now we were telling you about the Moorish origins of this hammam, weren't we? Well, being the great hammam that it is, we couldn't leave out one of its most requested and traditional treatments.

It is the so-called The Himalayan Salt Experience treatment, where you will receive an exfoliation with salt crystals from the Himalayas and a body and a body massage with hot stones of Himalayan salt.

Another of the most original beauty treatments you can try is that based on wine, this is a unique and unforgettable experience that provides the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the antioxidant properties of the red grape of the Spanish Ribera del Duero. Next, an intoxicating 1-hour grape seed oil massage will get your mind transported to another place while your body benefits from its purifying and toning effects.

Another very special treatment, totally relaxing and original, is the “Water Ritual".

Have you ever seen a massage on water? Submerged in a bath, the massage comes from the rhythm of the ripples on the surface of the water which gives you gentle massages all over your body. Absolute ecstasy. A treatment that is anything but conventional and will undoubtedly leave you K.O, in the best sense of the word. Pure delight.

And, of course, a classic relaxation treatment: the hydromassage area. Where bubbles make their appearance in a small bath under a beautiful dome that will leave you feeling like new.

Its thermal baths a treasure!

For 1500 years, the legacy of pleasure and the benefits of water on the body as a health treatment have been handed down from generation to generation. A treasure appreciated and shared by the Romans and Moors and which, it is said, could have disappeared in the 17th century due to the loss of the last Moorish baths in Seville. But now, Aire de Sevilla has recovered it for us, with marvellous places like this.

The route through the spas starts in a relaxation room where only candlelight and tea will accompany you, along with the sound of water and the heat from the marble slabs you will be sitting on if you would like to relax before entering the water spas.

The bathing area has 3 different areas, with different aromas and different temperatures.

The warm one at 36ºC (tepidarium), the hot one at 40ºC (caldarium) and finally the cold one (frigidarium) at 16ºC.

These changes in temperature provide unique and very relaxing sensations which you can alternate between rooms and end in one of the most special rooms of the Moorish baths: the salt water bath, or “flotarium”.

An authentic Roman bath, whose vaulted ceiling dates back to the 1st century, where you can float, feeling absolute liberation lying on the surface of the water without holding on to anything and let your senses run wild in one of the most important archaeological treasures in Seville, that you can not only see, but also experience, as people have been doing for centuries. What an experience!

A retreat to heat

So now you know that it's there and you know about the visits, the massages, the history and the Arabic delicacies that you can find in this ancient palace in the heart of Seville, and above all, its spas, an authentic oasis in the heart of Seville which we're sure you won't miss on your next visit to the capital, are we right?

Air of Seville, an oasis in the heart of Santa Cruz
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