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The 7 best viewpoints in the towns of Sierra Norte de Sevilla mountains


Almadén de la Plata, Cazalla de la Sierra, Constantina, Guadalcanal and many others are charming towns that Sierra Norte de Sevilla has in store for us on our journey. Would you like to find out where to go in order to take the best photos?

Fortresses, steep and narrow streets, tourist viewpoints, towers of old castles and even metal footbridges. These are 7 of the best viewpoints in the towns of Sierra Norte de Sevilla from which you can take the best snapshots.

1. La Puebla de los Infantes from the viewpoint near the remains of the fortress

Only part of the walls and two towers out of four are preserved in the castle built in the late 15th century/early 16th century, in the Gothic-Mudejar style. What is certain is that the strategic location did not happen by chance, but it was chosen because it affords one of the best views over the region of Sierra Norte de Sevilla and the Vega del Guadalquivir and, today, of La Puebla de los Infantes, where the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Huertas emerges in the centre. Here you can find an excellent vantage point.

2. Constantine from two different points of view

If you walk around Constantina you will be able to discover the imprints of various civilisations. The town's legacy is so important that its centre and surrounding area was designated a Property of Cultural Interest (BIC) in 2004, as part of a Site of Historic-Artistic Interest.

However, to have a great view of the town, you have to leave the Morería neighbourhood and the more central streets and go up the "sides. The Moorish castle and the Sacred Heart monument are the most popular spots, offering an idyllic panoramic view of a charming town. On the other lesser-known side, you can go to Calle Cerro de Luna to take a picture with the fortress as the perfect backdrop.

3. Alanís from the walk that leads to the Shrine of San Juan Evangelista or from a tower

A beautiful, comfortable path takes you to the hill that has the best views of the mountains. On one side, the Shrine of San Juan Evangelista, built in the 14th century in the Mudejar style, is one of the most iconic buildings in Alanís. On the other, side the remains of an old 13th century castle, of which only one of the walls and a stairway to go up to a tower remain standing. The panoramic view is simply wonderful.

4. Guadalcanal from the Church of Santa Ana

The beautiful town of Guadalcanal houses the oldest civil building in the province of Seville, the Almona, dating from 1307, an old warehouse of the Order of Santiago. The Parish of Santa María de la Asunción and the Clock Tower or the Plaza de Abastos and its narrow streets are other beautiful spots to be discovered in this magical town in Sierra Norte de Sevilla. If you are looking for the best views, you will find them if you go up to the Church of Santa Ana, which also houses the local Interpretation Centre.

5. El Real de la Jara from the top of the Medieval Castle

Next to Ribera del Cala, on the Huelva-Badajoz border and in the middle of the Silver Route on the Way of St James, we find El Real de la Jara in a somewhat mountainous landscape between meadows, holm oak and cork oak forests and hunting areas. There is a spot that does not go unnoticed: the Medieval Castle, a fortress that can tell dozens of stories, very well preserved, from where you can perfectly see the Shrine of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, Plaza de España, Church of San Bartolomé in this beautiful white town nestled in a beautiful setting.

6. Villanueva del Rio y Minas from a pedestrian walkway

On a hillock above the River Guadalquivir and exploited from the 19th century to 1973 by Minas La Reunion, Villanueva del Río y Minas has recovered the facilities of the site called Pozo Nº5. for industrial tourism. The old power station, the hoist, the metal lift, the large chimney and many other buildings are part of the Historic Site of the Minas de la Reunión. You can get a good view of the site from a pedestrian walkway over the railway line opposite the entrance.

7. Sierra Norte de Sevilla from the highest point, the viewpoint of La Capitana

It's not actually a town, but it wouldn't be right to forget the highest point of Sierra Norte de Sevilla. The viewpoint of La Capitana is at the end of a 4.9 km hiking route that takes you through Sierra del Viento up to 960 m, from where you get the best views of the Andalusian mountain range, its geography and even birds of prey searching for food, especially at sunset. In the opposite direction, the southern countryside of Badajoz contrasts with this mountainous landscape.

Did you like this selection of viewpoints to enjoy the best views of the towns of Sierra Norte de Sevilla? Do you have any you would like to add?

Isaac Martin - Travel blog "Chavetas"

The 7 best viewpoints in the towns of Sierra Norte de Sevilla mountains
Alanís, Constantina, Guadalcanal, Puebla de los Infantes, La, Real de la Jara, El, Villanueva del Río y Minas.