Albanchez de Mágina

Albanchez de Mágina
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Village situated to the south of the province, between soft hills, olive groves and fruit trees.

It belongs to Sierra Magina Natural Park, which is part of the Subbetic region and which offers beautiful and spectacular landscapes. With regards to the flora, Holm and Gall oaks are frequent, as well as pines and salgareños. Its rich and varied fauna is also important.

The Roman Aquaduct and the Parish Church are examples of its interesting past.


From the remains found, numerous cultures and civilizations have passed through these lands leaving behind traces of their coming.

It was a hamlet of Bedmar until 1419, when the Infante D. Enrique granted it village status.

Albanchez de Mágina
Province of Jaén
Albanchez de Mágina
The weather today in Albanchez de Mágina
  • Max 17
  • Min 11
  • Max 62
  • Min 51
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Albanchez de Mágina
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