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Andrés Batista

image_159901_jpeg_800x600_q85.jpg Andrés Batista

Full name

Andrés Batista

Date of birth

12 Oct 1937

Place of birth


Andrés Batista is a master with a great artistic career as a soloist and as an accompanist for major dance stars like: Antonio "El Farruco", María Márquez, Ana Mercedes and Antonio Español, and as a singer with: Fernando "El Terremoto"Antonio "El Chocolate", Roque "Jarrito", José Salazar, Juan Cantero, etc. 

Which has earned him the National Guitar Award, the Medal of Honour in the World Folk Festival in Italy, Gold Record by Radio Madrid, Award to the Best Interpreter in the International Competition of the German Radio-TV, held in Frankfurt, and the academic position as Flamenco Guitar Professor granted in 1977 by the most Excellent Ministry of Education.


Andrés Batista was born in Barcelona in 1937 and he learnt to play the guitar with Miguel Barrull junior He started as a guitarist of dancing for figures like Vicente Escudero, La Singla and Carmen Amaya, who took part with in the film 'Los Tarantos' by Rovira Beleta. Later on, he dedicated himself to the concert guitar and recorded several records in the 1960's. He gave up this activity to devote himself to teaching. He has created several training methods and written many books.

Type of artist

Andrés Batista