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Antonio Soto

image_159912_jpeg_800x600_q85.jpg Antonio Soto

Full name

Antonio Soto Arjona

Date of birth

02 Dec 1966

Place of birth



The guitarist Antonio Soto Arjona started his career at a very young age, in Barcelona and Madrid, guided by Antonio Francisco Sierra and Andrés Batista.

When he was fourteen he went on tour round the United Arab Emirates, playing with Juana Ximenis, a pupil of Carmen Amaya.Then his career continued in the best flamenco clubs such as Los Tarantos, El Cordobés, or the Venta del Gato in Madrid.

He has also played with RancapinoChano LobatoLa Cañeta de MálagaJosé MercéAurora VargasCamarón, and has been Fosforito's official guitarist since 1997. He usually plays with Agujetas, and his successful debut with him was at the Albéniz Theatre in Madrid He has travelled all over Spain with him, as well as other European countries such as Germany.

He has won several awards such as the National "Juan Carmona Habichuela" Award for accompaniment in the Cordoba Guitar Festival in 2001.

Type of artist

Antonio Soto

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