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April Fair in Seville Horses and Horse-drawn Carriages

Feria de Abril

In April, the scent of orange blossom floods the city and for a whole week you can hear the joyful clippety-clop of the horses' hooves along the streets of the Andalusian capital. The Seville Fair, which begins with the famous "alumbrao" (lights switch-on), is the most beautiful concentration of saddles and carriages in the country.

At the "Real de la Feria", a site decorated in the most typical Seville style, horses and carriages go down the streets showing off their best decorations and offering an amazing show.

Large stables and small owners take part in this event every year.

From midday until the evening, visitors can enjoy the colourful display of horses parading up and down the fairground, as they explore the sandy and paved streets.

Like many other fairs in Andalusia, Seville's fair was originally an important cattle fair situated in Prado de San Sebastián. Over the years it became increasingly popular and public, and it turned into a social and festive event, and ended up being the important welcoming event that it is today.

It was moved to its current site, in Los Remedios neighbourhood, in 1973, with 15 adorned streets named after famous bullfighters. Here we also find many "casetas", which are marquees where locals and visitors, together with friends and family, get together to enjoy a week of flamenco, good food and lots of fun.

April Fair in Seville Horses and Horse-drawn Carriages