Iglesia Rupestre de Archidona

Iglesia Rupestre de Archidona
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Located in the Plaza Ochavada in Archidona, the Rock Church of Archidona, whose origins date back to the Mozarabic medieval period, is now a part of the town centre and an integral part of two adjoining buildings. One is currently a catering establishment and the interior contains remains of what was once a place of Christian religious worship, when Al-Andalus was at its peak.

In its day, there were five naves, three of which were intercommunicated, whereas the others are in the adjoining building. Morphologically, the central three naves are practically parallel and make up the main body of the complex. Highlights include a passageway which connected them and could be equivalent to a transept, which means that those that were not connected would have been used as hermit rooms.

There are no remaining elements of a liturgical nature, the changes made to make it suitable for use as a restaurant have altered the original height of the caves, where the current floor level is above that of the original.

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The same as the opening hours for the restaurant.

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Iglesia Rupestre de Archidona
Plaza Ochavada, 1, 29300
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