Tuna Gastronomy Week

Tuna Gastronomy Week
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In May, those who love and are intrigued by fine eating have a date with Barbate, which celebrates its Gastronomy Week dedicated to tuna, the star ingredient of regional cuisine.

What does the Tuna Gastronomy Week consist of?

It is a different way to show off what is ours, a clear commitment to the tuna de Barbate as a benchmark quality product.

The Fish Market building has become the unique meeting point of gastronomy and restaurants, and will host the master class, show cooking, product tastings, conferences and product presentations. Another of its goals is to consolidate and add tourist value to the building itself.

The programme includes activities directly targeting professionals of the restaurant sector and/or industry, at other times for amateurs and the general public, but the taste of tuna is at the forefront of everything.

A festival of tuna tapas, comprising about 30 houses at which chefs display their varied preparations of this precious delicacy.

This fair is accompanied by attractions for children at the leisure and relaxation area.

It is reference place and date for bringing together professional chefs, training, accommodation companies, gastronomy experts, trap net experts and business related to extraction, processing and research, media, locals, tourists, visitors, who justify the major bet of the different participating public and private institutions committed to the project. Commitment, implication, of both public and private sectors in their corporate and social facets, the Gastronomy Week has become not only a major gastronomic reference, but also the demonstration of a town which wants to make known and add value to its tradition: tuna.

Why a Tuna Gastronomy Week?

The red almadraba tuna fish becomes the authentic protagonist of its tourist value. The red tuna swims across all of the economy's sectors: extractive and age-old (the almadraba); industrial transformation based on traditional techniques (salted and derived products); and it is offered by the town's tourist services (restaurants).

We have always lived facing the sea, tuna has always been a part of our lives and has been present in all of our restaurants' menus, but today, and thanks to the important boost of the Gastronomy Week, the red tuna has become a reference that makes our destination unique.

Tuna is available worldwide and professionals in the tuna sector, regardless of their specialisation, demand this activity, this exchange of experiences and information as well as cohabiting with the end customer.

The Gastronomy Week is accompanied by a delicious programme of activities, workshops by exhibitors, show cooking, conferences, cooking contests, displays of images, attractions, sports tournaments, visits by boat, quartering of tuna, etc.

The fame of the this event stirs the conscience as to the possibilities of the tourist sector itself as a pillar for the economy and for generating employment, disseminating our singular customs.

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Tuna Gastronomy Week
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