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Climbing in Cerro del Hierro


Cerro del Hierro is where you can take your first steps in climbing and you will feel like you are taking part in a science fiction film. This natural monument is located in the province of Seville and is part of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Nature reserve.

The name Cerro del Hierro, which means "Iron Hill" in Spanish, refers to a long history of mining in this area that dates back to Roman times, and more recently to an English company that came to operate here. The mining of iron ore, together with the erosion caused by rain, have revealed a spectacular karstic landscape that today has become ideal for climbing.

Why is this an ideal place to climb? The unusual structure of this natural monument, together with the characteristic shapes formed by the limestone and the ease with which climbers are able to grip convert this area into a real point of reference for this sport. Purely on its own merits, Cerro del Hierro is now the most important climbing school in the province of Seville

Just imagine a rock garden from which hundreds of limestone needles and a thousand different stone forms emerge, a world that seems so unreal that it could be a film set for "The Never Ending Story", a fantasy where the shape of each rock lets your imagination fly. They are all so different and each one is a climbing route in itself that you can choose according to your experience and expertise. There are options for all levels and you can choose from over 100 different routes, although they all have something in common: You always need to be accompanied by professionals who will guide you and make sure you have the necessary equipment.

Are ready to meet the challenge of overcoming your fear of heights? We can assure you that learning to climb in Seville will show you a different way of enjoying nature. It is a magnificent experience to climb up anchored to a unique landscape, all the while enjoying the beauty of these extraordinary rock cathedrals. Remember, you will almost up at the same height as the Spanish imperial, golden and Bonelli's eagles that soar across the magnificent sky in this natural geopark.

Climbing in Cerro del Hierro