Enclave Arqueológico de Cercadilla

Enclave Arqueológico de Cercadilla
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Located in Cordoba, the Cercadilla Archaeological Site hosts a magnificent palace built at the end of the 3rd century and the early 4th century (293-305 AD), attributed to Emperor Maximilian. The palace complex covers over 400m by 200m and is reached by a large semicircular underground porch.

The palace was dominated by a large imperial-style hall, where the audiences were held. To the north was a small bath complex, which allowed the Emperor and his carefully-chosen companions to get away and enjoy moments of privacy.

Located to the far west of the Maximian lands, it was the headquarters of the empire during his stay in Hispania (296-297 AD). From the 6th century, part of the old palace was reused as centre of Christian worship, and around it was a large Christian necropolis, which continued to be used during the Moorish domination of the city. Among other, it contains the graves of two bishops, Lampadio and Samson.

The space is temporarily closed to the public, although it can be clearly seen from the train station car park and the surrounding streets (Avenida Vía Augusta for the area to the north of station and Avenida de América for the area to the south of the station). There are signposts all along the route.

Information leaflet: click here.

Free admission.

Tours by prior appointment: Wednesdays to Sundays, from 10am to 2pm. Visits without guide, Wednesday-Friday, 10am to 2pm.

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Enclave Arqueológico de Cercadilla
Avenida Vía Augusta, (a 50 metros de la Estación de Autobuses y Ferrocarril), s/n, 14011

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