Iglesia de San Nicolás de la Villa

Iglesia de San Nicolás de la Villa
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This church is in the style of the churches built by Ferdinand III after the conquest of Cordoba. It conserves the original Gothic-Mudejar structure with its almost square floor plan, and its three naves without a transept. The main doorway was built in the 16th century and shows the influence of the Renaissance and Mannerist styles. The tower, which has a marked military air, dates from the period of the Catholic monarchs and was built on the remains of an Islamic minaret.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the church underwent a major architectural transformation which affected the tower, doorways and the roofs of the two side naves, as well as various other elements, and has given the whole building a Baroque configuration.

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Iglesia de San Nicolás de la Villa
Plaza de San Nicolás, s/n, 14003
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