Easter Week in Huelva

As in other towns and cities of Andalusia, Huelva commemorates Easter Week with traditional liturgy and professional processions.

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the confraternities make their penitential processions through the streets of the city.

Seven days devoted to one of the fiestas which the people of Huelva live with a particular tradition, with the smell of incense mingling with that of sweets and home-made desserts, an essential item for every member of the brotherhoods.

Times to watch

Most important are the brotherhoods which make their departure in the small hours of Good Friday: El Perdón, Misericordia, and El Nazareno, which has a huge popular following.

The joy of Palm Sunday: La Borriquita; the solemnity of Good Friday with the Santo Entierro; and the devotion to the Virgin Mary on Easter Wednesday, with the Virgen de la Victoria and the Virgen de la Esperanza.

And in the province...

In the province of Huelva, special mention should be made of the Easter week celebrations in Ayamonte, designated as Fiesta of Tourist Interest, which gives you an idea of their value and beauty.

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