Pinar, El

Pinar, El
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South of Granada, on the road that links Motril and the coast with the city of the Alhambra, at 860 m above sea level, lies the port called Suspiro del Moro; from here and towards the coast opens up the Lecrí­n Valley, which borders the west face of Sierra Nevada and which has as a natural frontier to the south, the Sierra de lo Guájares mountain range. The area has its own micro climate, tempered good winds giving rise to landscapes of serene beauty where thriving Mediterranean crops.

In this valley is El Pinar, in which municipal are included, such as memory of what happened in the Arab tahas, the villages of: Pinos del Valle e Izbor.


This municipality consists of Pinos del Valle (previously Pinos del Rey) and Izbor. Both retain a Moorish urban layout, although they originated probably earlier. Being located in the Lecrí­n valley made them witness to historical events during the War of the Alpujarra in 1568 and later the expulsion of the Moors.
Pinar, El
Pinar, El
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Pinar, El
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