Andalusian Ham, Iberian and "serrano", is one of the star products of Spanish gastronomy. Andalusian ham is a delight to anyone who tries it, it is the most international, the most desirable, either as an accompaniment to or the highlight of the meal and it's mere presence is a delight for the most demanding palate.

The quality of Andalusian hams is certified and accredited by the regulators for the three prestigious Designations of Origin existing in Andalusia and the strict controls imposed by other international bodies who feature this ham as a health food and recommend it for its properties and characteristics.

A passionate world that begins in the diversity of Andalusian countryside, in the pastures, and which is subject to exhaustive controls throughout all the processes, from the selection and purity of the breed of pig, what it eats, its habitat and how it is raised to the production and preservation of the product, respecting tradition and reflected in the traceability and labelling that guarantees the quality of our ham.

An unforgettable gastronomic experience, learn about each stage of the process, the different types of ham and the meaning of the different labels, discover the secrets of how it is carved and finally, the tasting, a delicious sensory pleasure, discovering its colour, tender texture, aroma, and unique flavour.

Savour the routes of cured Serrano and Iberian Andalusian ham.

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