Astrotourism through the solar system

Astrotourism through the solar system
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This activity will take us to the most interesting planets in our solar system. Depending on the visibility that night, we will be able to start our journey by taking a look at the shadows cast by high lunar mountains, with their valleys and seas that can be seen through telescopes. Saturn and its rings will amaze everyone; Jupiter, with its great red spot and four Galilean moons will delight all attendees; Mars, the Red Planet, will show us its polar caps and some of its main dark formations that stand out against the red surface.

- Private stargazing lasting about 3 hours.

- Specialised guide from the beginning of the session.

- Introductory talk on general astronomy.

- Guided sky observation with the naked eye, with explanations of the main stars, constellations and mythology behind them.

- Observation through large telescopes and binoculars to enjoy a range of celestial objects, with detailed explanations about all of them, focusing especially on those of our own solar system (moon, planets and asteroids).

Start your journey here and learn about the Universe!

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01/01/2024 - 31/12/2024

Price per person (minimum 4 people)

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Astrotourism through the solar system
Llano de Cocon, Polígono 3. Complejo Astronómico Los Coloras, Parcela 31, 18890
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