Turismo Astronómico

Turismo Astronómico
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Our Guided Tour of the Night Sky is just one of the astronomical observation activities we organise in Astronomy Tourism, the Astronomer's Nest and the Los Coloraos Astronomy Complex.

The explanations given by our astronomer and the use of astronomical equipment will help you travel through a dark sky to distant places where human beings have never been. These experiences are offered in rural environments where there isless light pollution.

There will be Country Houses and Caves available for accommodation that will be delightful and certified by the Starlight Foundation. All certified by the Starlight Foundation.

During the more than two hours that the tour lasts, you'll be able to observe a number of different celestial objects:

The Moon, the Earth's only natural satellite, pock marked with dark lunar seas of volcanic origin, where humans have made manned landings.

- Planetary nebulas (the remains of the death of a star).

- Galaxies (spiral galaxies with swirling arms, galaxies in collision, vast universes made up of thousands of millions of stars).

- Star clusters (groups of a huge number of stars in a small area)

- Double stars (solar systems with a number of suns, some with spectacular contrasting colours).

- Planets in our solar system (Jupiter and its moons, Saturn and its rings and different objects depending on the time of year).

Our tour starts by examining the sky and for guidance we will use laser pointers, laser planispheres and binoculars. We will examine the constellations and then look at different objects through the telescopes.

Our astronomer will be at your disposal to guide you with different explanations on a tour that will have a lasting effect on you.

Depending on the time of year. It usually starts at sunset.

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Turismo Astronómico
Granada, Complejo Astronómico "Los Coloraos" , 1, 18890
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