Visitagranadaconmigo Bet Rimmon

Visitagranadaconmigo Bet Rimmon
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Visitagranadaconmigo Bet Rimmon located in the city of Granada has been offering tourist guide services in the city since 2013.
The tours are guided by a tourism graduate and member of the official association of Granada Guides. The main aim is to ensure a quality, personal and different kind of visit.
It offers private and group guided routes to travel agencies, companies, schools and associations, as well as other groups for the Alhambra, Albaicín and historic centre, the Cathedral and the royal chapel.
It has special thematic routes such as the route of the Muslim ziri reign in the Albaicín, the history of the Jews of Granada or the Emperor Charles V route in Granada.
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Visitagranadaconmigo Bet Rimmon
Calle Sederos, 5ºD, 2, 18005
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