Irene Gallardo

Irene Gallardo
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Irene Gallardo organises activities for the interpretation of sacred art and popular religiousness under the name of Andalucía Sacra. 

Andalucía Sacra is a unique and genuine cultural proposal thanks to its style, which was born in 2012. We are not tour guides, we are interpreters of Sacred Art and Popular Religiousness, for which we have extensive experience in this field.

We are pioneers in the creation of interesting routes for the interpretation of Sacred Art and Popular Religiousness, with the main purpose of depicting the true value of this art, culture, devotions and religious crafts.

We guide visitors through our cultural routes, sacred heritage, traditions and craf t workshops that produce the timeless, universal religious art of Seville.

The cultural routes for the Interpretation of Sacred Art and Popular Religiousness created and organised by Andalusia Sacra bring visitors to Córdoba and Seville, among other Andalusian provinces, thus offering the possibility of a first-hand experience of the different schools of Sacred Art and the very different nuances that the Popular Religiousness of Southern Europe treasures, thus enhancing the genuine personality of each city, from the prism of sacred artists and promoting the visibility of diversity in relation to the idiosyncrasy of each city, when expressing Popular Piety and its Sacred Art.

We disseminate the work of craftsmen and artists, opening the possibility of knowing from the hand of its protagonists all the secrets of this true Andalusian art, universally recognised for its high quality, as well as for its genuine and unique artistic style.

Likewise, Andalucía Sacra offers documentaries and audio visual content on Sacred Art and Popular Religiousness of a learning and pedagogical nature, always with the utmost respect for our devotions and with dealt with professionally.

With Andalucía Sacra, visitors will discover different crafts, such as sculpting aromatic cedar, chiselling silver metal, burnishing gold leaf on stucco, carving Flanders pine, painting on canvas or board, embroidering silk and fine gold, curling artistic palms, giving life to pigment-based ceramics and creating beautiful wax flowers at the workshops where art is born, as well as delving into the fascinating history of our popular religiosity, in its temples.

Andalusia Sacra's routes are aimed at all people who wish to learn more about Popular Religiousness, lovers of Sacred Art and Religious Crafts, with no age limits. Our routes are open to brotherhoods, associations, groups, companies, educational centres, day care centres for seniors, congress, convention and forum participants and various institutions.

Andalucía Sacra is a firm commitment to the dissemination of our devotional culture, the knowledge of our Brotherhoods and Guilds from the fervent, artistic and historical point of view, as well as for the dissemination of the true value of Sacred Art, offering the opportunity to give visibility to the men and women who have left their artistic imprint for centuries in Religious Crafts, without whose works the impressive and genuine Holy Week in Andalusia would not exist.

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Irene Gallardo
Socorro, Estamos en Córdoba y en Sevilla, 5, 41003
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