Alma Events Design

Alma Events Design
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In Alma Events Design, we are suppliers of Experiences, we Design and customize activities to live and feel "The Soul of Andalusia"

Our difference? We include in all of them the Wow Factor.

Wow activities. Games, dynamics and workshop:

- Dreaming Al-Andalusia.

- Andalusia, gastronomy, wine & flamenco.

- Granada is graffiti.

- Masterchef.

- The souk of flamenco. Walking tours to discover Flamenco spots of Andalusia, Drums Classes, Getting started in Flamenco Dancing or singular activities such as “ Wine & Flamenco Marriag"

- Gala Flamenco Chic. Flamenco environment to immerse the guests in an elegant, and original flamenco atmosphere with the group Clavel y Flamenco Performance.

- Historic – Gastronomic reconstructions.

- Walking Tours with soul. To discover the city in a different way.

- Finger-licking Andalusia: Experiences around the gastronomy.

- Ambiance & Perfomances. Artists & customised settings for events and WOW parties.

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Alma Events Design
Calle San Antón, Planta 6 Oficina 3, 72, 18005
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