Cafetería La Casona

Cafetería La Casona
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The Cafeteria La Casona is located in the old Casona building, in Alameda Sundheim. The main building reopened to the public as a new hospitality project in the city of Huelva, in what is the first phase of the restoration of the entire complex, which includes the premises where, in the first third of the 20th century the old printing firm of Viuda e hijos de Muñoz was located and newspaper La Provincia was printed.

The restoration attempted to return the buildings and the entire estate to its original image. The façade of the reopened building now is now in the original white and pipeclay colours that it was possible to confirm with documents from the time and an exhaustive study by a historian, which also enabled them to configure the gardens with native plant species used after its construction for the Muñoz family.

The Cafeteria La Casona seats up to 300 people, there is a 1,000 square meter terrace, in an area called Jardínes de la Alameda and that will be complemented by a Press Room and a Gallery in another two designed spaces. Inside, you can see the original brickwork and a wooden ceiling is also visible. The aim is to create a unique cultural environment in the city.
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Cafetería La Casona
Alameda Sundheim, 9, 21003
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