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Andalusia’s unique orography and its wealth of countryside make it ideal for all kinds of hunting.

Hunting is carried out with strict respect for nature. One result of this has been the breeding of species for their re-introduction into the wild in order to regenerate and maintain different ecosystems.

Andalusia offers authentic, characteristic ways of hunting such as Andalusian hunting, wild boar hunting in Doñana and hare hunting in the countryside. You can also use the opportunity to sight red-legged partridge in abundance and the delightful rabbits that see the swift hounds really show their hunting qualities.

When these natural conditions for hunting are combined with complementary activities, the result is high-quality, alternative tourism that includes trips to monuments and towns with a wealth of artistic treasures, the joy of discovering the customs of a region and its people, and the chance to sample the delicious, game-based gastronomy.

Where to go hunting

In Andalusia you will find a host of legal hunting reserves. They are called "Cotos de Caza”

From the dense northern mountains, through the immense coastal marshes, to the open countryside of Seville's countryside and the plains of the Guadalquivir River… There are endless areas where you can enjoy a day’s hunting surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Precautions and recommendations

Before you go out hunting you should seek information from the Hunting Federation for the corresponding province about established hunting grounds, regulations that must be met and necessary requirements for practising this sport.

On the other hand, all hunters should also be familiar with and consider a series of strict regulations. Failure to comply with these may result in a fine, the withdrawal of your license and even, in some cases, a prison term. 

Following the established regulations you will enjoy the sport and contribute to environmental conservation.

Necessary equipment

The main thing you need in order to hunt is a valid firearm license and a suitable firearm according to the animals you wish to hunt. 

There are no regulations regarding clothing, but you should wear comfortable gear that protects you from the cold and rain, given that you will sometimes have to remain exposed for a long time. You should also wear suitable boots or footwear for walking in the country, a vest or belt for cartridges, a hat to protect your head, and any other accessory to make it easier to carry the animals you have hunted. A hunting knife could also be very useful.

Further information

You will find all the information you need about your favourite sport on the Portal de la Caza y la Pesca Continental en Andalucía (Portal for Hunting and Continental Fishing in Andalusia).

You will be able to stay up-to-date with activities, competitions and events held in Andalusia, in addition to having other information at your disposal, including regulations on the subject, a guide for administrative procedures so you may request your permit, dates of periods and prohibitions, data and statistics on these sports, and more.


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