Almazara Herederos Francisco Roldán

Almazara Herederos Francisco Roldán
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Herederos de Francisco Roldán is located in the province of Granada in the town of Íllora and since 1895 the Roldán family been involved in the olive oil manufacturing industry.

They started out by pressing the olives harvested by members of their own family, who then received their corresponding part of the oil produced for their own consumption, to sell or to barter.

Each harvester paid to have their olives pressed in bushels of barley, which was used to feed the mules driving the millstones.

At Herederos de Roldán Francisco the time, technology and the restlessness of those managing the business, have turned this old family oil mill into a modern factory with three reception lines, six hoppers and three two-phase conveyor belts with an annual capacity for milling about fifteen million kilos of olives, primarily the varieties Picual, Lucio (native to the region), Picudo, Hojiblanca and Arbequina.

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Almazara Herederos Francisco Roldán
Carretera Puerto Lope, s/n, 18260
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