Bodega Urium

Bodega Urium
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Bodega Urium is a family-run winery situated in the old quarter of Jerez. Its location, the way it is facing and materials the walls are built with provide optimal conditions for the ageing of wine.

Bodega Urium is a very old sacristy winery which boasts the full range of Jerez wines. They follow the traditions and know-how of the wine-makers of the Jerez Region and aspire to produce only the finest quality wines, stylishly and elegantly presented.

Time is another important factor in the quality of their wine. The nuances, the complexity of the aromas, the flavours that linger on the palate for longer and a strong structure are only achieved after ageing for a long time in oak wineskins.

The Regulatory Council of the Jerez - Xérès - Sherry Designation of Origin created the V.O.R.S. (older than 30 years) category to identify these wines. The Tasting Committee, made up of independent professionals, analyses the wine and tastes it to certify both its age and quality.

V.O.R.S. stands for "Vinum Optimum Rare Signatum" (Wine Selected as Optimal and Exceptional) and has the same initials as "Very Old Rare Sherry".

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Bodega Urium
Calle Muro, 28, 11404
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