Malahá, La

Malahá, La
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Southwest of the capital, just 16 km away, lies La Malahá, which shares not only the features of the western locality of this province, which are becoming an important tourist attraction due to the distinctiveness of the area with the incomparable north face of Sierra Tejeda to the south, but also the characteristics of those villages close to the city of the Alhambra.


The name of this village derives from the Arab term al-Malaha, meaning "farmland of salt". Its saltworks, watered by the river Salado, have been utilized ever since Roman rule.
Goths called it Mizarza, which refers to the beneficial effects of its water.
The Saltworks were handed over to El Zagal after he made both Guadix and Almerí­a surrender in the last years of the Christian conquest.
Important characters
Almallahí­, Moorish philosopher from the 12th century.
Malahá, La
Malahá, La
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Malahá, La
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