Easter Week in Lucena

Easter Week in Lucena
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Easter Week in Lucena has its own unmistakable style that mixes art, beauty and tradition. Its main hallmark lies in all the unique features that make the world of "La Santería" a tradition that distinguishes it from others and that is known for the way in which "santeros" carry the thrones through the streets on their shoulders. These processions take place in accordance with strict regulations of respect and solemnity. The "torralbo" is also symbolic. This announces the arrival of some processions, while the sound of drums is another essential element in "el santear".

Over the course of the eight days of Holy Week, visitors can enjoy the town's rich heritage of religious images in the incomparable setting the streets of Lucena offer. This richness is reflected in the artistic quality, with Cristo Amarrado a la Columna by Pedro Roldán (1675); Cristo del Amor attributed to Alonso Cano; San Pedro del Lavatorio attributed to Pedro de Mena Medrano; Jesús Caído attributed Risueño; and the Virgin known as “La Piedra”, by Blas Molner. However, this richness is also experienced on a spiritual level, with the great devotion shown for Our Father Jesus Nazarene.

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Easter Week in Lucena
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