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Miguel Ángel Moral

Miguel Ángel Moral

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Miguel Ángel Moral Reyes

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Miguel Ángel Moral Reyes was born in Úbeda in 1978 and started studying music in the elementary music conservatory in his town when he was ten years old Then he passed the entrance tests for the intermediate level in the Rafael Orozco higher music conservatory in Cordoba, where he started to learn flamenco with the teacher Paco Serrano

He is currently studying the sixth year in the intermediate level He teaches music in the "Joaquín Sabina" music school in Úbeda and the municipal school in Jodar He studied with Manolo Sanlúcar for two years and then perfected his accompanying technique with Enrique de Melchor

Paco Serrano taught him how to play for dancing and José Antonio Rodríguez gave him guidelines for composition He has accompanied Luisa Serrano and Vicente Fernández dancing, and Alfredo Arrebola, Joselete de Linares, Agustín Navarro, Ana Soto, Carlos Cruz, David Pino, etc singing

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Miguel Ángel Moral

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