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Mures is a small town, located about 16 km from Alcalá la Real, Jaén province. It is a traditional custom village and the inhabitants live mainly from agriculture and livestock.

The vicinity include several groups of houses, such as Casillas de Mures and Balazos.

Some cortijos are remarkable: Santa María, García, las Vegas, Domingo Alcaide, los Tres Calazos, los Dos de Carmona, Cuenca, Muñoz, las Dos Casillas de Joya, Cristina, el Cerro, el Rio and el Moral.

There are another places of interest, such as the Source of Tudela and the hills Atalaya Alta and Baja.


Along the Frailes riverbed, in the area of the Puente de la Media Luna (bridge), archaeological remains dating from Roman times have been found. Some names of towns in the area (Gumiel, Savia, Gabia or Atalaya) indicate that it must have been a Muslim settlement.

Mures area was crossed by major roads to Guadix, Iznalloz and Moclín, in the years during the border between the kingdoms of Castile and Granada.

Some theories suggest that the toponym Mures could arise from "mur-muris", meaning mice.

In 1751, during the Cadastre of Ensenada, ten neighbors who lived in farms in the area were identified themselves as people from Mures. In the early nineteenth century, a hundred neighbors lived here.

Since 2001, Mures is a Local Autonomous Entity.

Township of Alcalá la Real
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