Plaza de Andalucía

Plaza de Andalucía
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Plaza de Andalucía, Plaza Mayor in Palma del Río and the site of City Hall, arose in the suburb from the 14th century and took its current configuration from the 16th century with the creation of Palacio Portocarrero in its new location and the regulation of municipal buildings. It is around this square where the Council and its offices are located: Store, Corn Exchange, Courts and Prison. It gives form to a space that enables coexistence and celebration.

With the centuries, this place evolved and played host to the chapterhouse, acted as the meeting place for the Corregidor, 'Regidor' Councillors, Chief Bailiff, and the men who formed the Local Government.

Due to its shape, which is rectangular but with a circular arena, it was used for centuries as the bullring in Palma del Río. Large national and local events were celebrated with bullfighting legends and celebrations, with a wooden framework installed in the passageway and the public seating area. The balconies at the City Hall, which offer quality views, were also hired out during these events. At the end of the 19th century it lost this role.

This square has had many names throughout its history: Plaza del Cabildo, Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Concejo, Plaza de las Casas Consistoriales, Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and during Franco's dictatorship it was Plaza del Comandante Baturone. In 1972 the project for the new City Hall was presented, and this involved knocking down the old neoclassical building, demolishing the arches on Calle Ruiz Muñoz y Feria along with the bullring before constructing the current building. After democracy was restored, it was decided that the epicentre of municipal life in the city would be named the Plaza de Andalucía. On 29 December 2015, the Municipal Council approved its naming as Plaza Mayor de Andalucía.

Today, this square is the location of the Tourist Office.

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Plaza de Andalucía
Plaza de Andalucía, 14700
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