101 km en 24 horas de La Legión

101 km en 24 horas de La Legión
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23rd edition

The test of 101 km in 24 hours emerged in 1995 as part of the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of La Legion.

In this year 1995 it was organized the first edition, in December, coinciding with the feast of the Immaculate Conception (Patroness of Infantry), with a distance of 101 kilometers (from Ronda to Marbella) and a maximum 24 hours, reaching to 400 participants, most military and people from Ronda. In this first test it would be adding, in subsequent editions, other tests as Duathlon, Run Team, riding and mountain biking. It is noteworthy, in the last two editions, the format of "101 km for children", where children are engaged in a race of 3 kilometers in Ronda, also enjoying the festive atmosphere of the output of the test.

These arrangements have been highlighted throughout the editions, as well as gifts for the winners, which is none other than the "Sweatshirt of the Finalist" and the famous "brick", as participants popularly called to the medal in ceramics which is given to each one who cross the finish line.

In 1996, the route changes and modifies the date, going to organize in the month of May. Since then, it has been held every year, except those in which, as a result of overseas missions of this unit in La Legion, it has not enjoyed the staff and time needed to organize an efficient and secure test of these features.

It is currently a very popular race, which brings together over 7000 athletes every year.

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101 km en 24 horas de La Legión
Carretera de Sevilla, Acuartelamiento "General Gabeiras", s/n, 29400
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