Trassierra – PR-A 211 Circular Trail

Trassierra – PR-A 211 Circular Trail
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In its initial section, the Trassierra Circular Trail – PR-A 211 coincides with the PR-A 342 trail, and it is an ideal route for discovering different plant landscapes and formations, as it passes through areas of typical Mediterranean scrubland, cork oaks, holm oak pastures and finally through marvellous chestnut woods.

We start off in the Cordoban neighbourhood of Santa María de Trassierra, where we will begin to stroll along the Canchuela path. After a few metres, we go through El Salado residential estate.

Further on, we come off the asphalt and continue along a trail, coinciding with the GR 48 Long-Distance Walking Trail., surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrubland, which will lead a little later to a marvellous cork-oak forest. This cork-oak forest ends in Pozo de Las Cruces, an area where there is a junction of several cattle routes.

At this junction, we will change course and go west along the Vereda del Vado del Pan Duro to stroll through one of the best meadows of our mountains, while the path starts to ascend gradually. In this meadow, it is common to find livestock grazing peacefully. However, we have to ignore the cows and they will just continue on grazing without paying attention to us.

Gently ascending wide, comfortable paths, we pass through the Casas del Brazona and a small reservoir over the Matalagartos river, until we reach Castañar de Lo Prado, where in autumn the path is completely covered by deciduous chestnut leaves which are extremely beautiful.

However, this chestnut grove will disappear in just a few hundred metres, interrupted by an area of olive cultivation, which will lead us to Cortijo de Valdejetas, where the chestnuts recover their protagonism.

Some metres ahead, there is an entrance to the Valdejetas estate and, after climbing the last hill, we will go down a shady path to the CO-3402 road, specifically Puerto Artafi. We will go down this road with little traffic in order to connect with a path that leaves to our right, where strawberry trees, gall oaks, guelder rose and cornicabra narrow and give shade to the path making it more beautiful. We will walk along this path parallel to the road until we cross it at the entrance to Llanos de Arjona residential estate (there is a bus stop here). Walking among houses and plots, we will return to the starting point in Santa María de Trassierra.

Type of Trail: Circular. Trail Status: Approved and signposted 2010. Total length: 14.6 km. Sections: 1 Accessibility: Suitable for walking, horse riding, 4x4 vehicles and mountain biking. Download Brochure Maps: I.G.N. Scale 1: 25.000. Maps: 922-2 and 922-4.

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Trassierra – PR-A 211 Circular Trail - 1
Difficulty Medium - Low
  • Length: 14.5km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Santa María de Trassierra
B Córdoba
C Córdoba
Trassierra – PR-A 211 Circular Trail

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