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Baños de Popea and Bejarano Stream

Baños de Popea

Located in the interior of Sierra Morena, the town of Santa María de Trassierra hides a small earthly paradise. Two of the most emblematic places in the province are found in this district of Cordoba. First, the Bejarano Stream, a tributary of the River Guadiato, with spectacular waterfalls of crystal-clear water alternating with calm pools. And second, very close to the river mouth, we find the well-known Baños de Popea (Poppaea Baths).

Baños de Popea are famous thanks to Grupo Cántico, an association of Cordoba poets and artists who frequently used to visit this beautiful place. It is said that one day, when three of the group members – Pablo García Baena, Juan Bernier and Ricardo Molina – were going for a walk next to these natural pools, they spotted some girls bathing and the latter exclaimed: "Look, just like Poppaea in her bath!”. He was referring to the Roman empress Poppaea Sabina, second wife of Emperor Nero, who was said to bathe in donkey milk to keep her skin young.

Along the path that takes us to the pools, we can admire the exuberant and dense flora. A lush spot made up of pine forests and riparian vegetation, which give this place a high ecological value.

The best way to feel the magic of this forest is by walking a circular route that goes round it. It is a 6 km <trail, accessible and easy to follow. Despite having some slopes, it is suitable for outdoor activities with the whole family.

Zona de conservación del Guadiato

The rain that falls between autumn and spring swells the streams and enhances the beauty of this landscape and the feeling of well-being. It is arguably the perfect place to get away from the daily routine, breathe fresh air and enjoy the sounds of nature... and the silence.

It is a photographer's paradise as there are so many picture-perfect spots. On this path you can still find archaeological remains from the Arab period, millstones of the old water mills, mill races, aqueducts and fountains. They remind us of the important water and industrial past of Santa María de Trassierra and give it a magical feeling.

Baños de Popea and Bejarano Stream