San Fernando Botanical Gardens

San Fernando Botanical Gardens
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The San Fernando Botanical Gardens are located in the heart of the Bahía de Cádiz Nature Reserve, in the town of San Fernando, on the Avenida Pery-Junquera.

The San Fernando Botanical Gardens combine the tradition of 18th century gardens, whose purpose was to acclimatise plants of economic or aesthetic interest to growing conditions in Spain (these plants now form part of Andalusia’s heritage, together with the buildings that house them) with the modern conception of botanical gardens, whose purpose is education and preservation. It is part of the Andalusian Network of Botanical and Mycological Gardens in Natural Areas.

The main interest of these gardens is the representation of plants that grow in the different environments that are to be found in the province of Cádiz, including varieties traditionally cultivated but whose future is at best uncertain, faced with ever more intensive and technological methods of agriculture.

You'll also find a selection of flora from the Americas and the Canary Islands in the Acclimatisation Garden, together with a collection of plants that can be seen in the different parks and gardens in the Bahía de Cádiz area. The preservation collection displays threatened species from the Atlantic coast of Andalusia on which the preservation programme is currently working.

Free Entrance.

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