San Juan de los Terreros

San Juan de los Terreros
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San Juan de los Terreros is a coastal village that belongs to the municipality of Pulpí. It is known for its magnificent beaches, the last ones in Andalusia because the next village north is Águilas – the first town on the coast belonging to the region of Murcia.

Opposite the coast in San Juan de los Terreros there are two small volcanic islets – the Terreros Island-Black Island Natural Monument.

The most characteristic monument in the town is San Juan de los Terreros Castle, built in 1764 on a promontory that overlooks a lot of the coastline of Almería and Murcia.


In recent years, there has been a tourism and real estate boom in San Juan de los Terreros, which traditionally used to be a regional tourist destination. This peaceful sea village has become an important tourist destination over a few years. Because of this, it is being obliged to improve its infrastructure.
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