Isla de Terreros e Isla Negra

Isla de Terreros e Isla Negra
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The Terreros Island and Negra Island Natural Monument is located on the eastern part of the Almería coast, on the border with the province of Murcia, facing the village of San Juan de Terreros, Pulpí.

They have sparse vegetation, but their marine beds are also very rich. They have large meadows of a plant that is exclusive to the Mediterranean coast. It is called posidonea oceánica and provides shelter, food and breeding grounds to many species.

These two islands are of volcanic origin. They are close to the coast and have sparse vegetation. However, their environmental importance comes from the variety of marine bird life to be found there, with nesting and breeding grounds. In fact, Terreros Island is the larger of the two and is further from the coast, and has the largest community of nesting marine birds in the province of Almería.

Marine birds. These include endangered species such as the Cory's shearwater, which only goes on land to raise its young, and the European storm-petrel. Other interesting species are the yellow-legged gull and the swift.

In their marine beds, we find many species of fish, crustaceans, cephalopods and marine invertebrates.

Besides their rich flora and fauna, its beaches are also very beautiful. All along the coast there are volcanic outcrops that contrast with the sand and the blue of the sea. Walking along the coast you can see the old saltmeadow cordgrass cookers. This profession has now fallen into disuse, with the old homes, known as "terreros" dug out of the walls of the cliffs.

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