Segura de la Sierra

Segura de la Sierra
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This beautiful village, birthplace of the poet Jorge Manrique, is situated at the heart of the Sierra de Segura mountains, on the Orospeda mountain (as called by the Greeks), crowned by a castle from where we have spectacular views of the surrounding lands.

The village, compact and harmonious, with narrow streets and historic corners, huddles beneath the castle, still surrounded by stretches of the old walls in some places. The village was deservedly declared Historic Artistic Site and Picturesque Village because, in addition to its wonderful environment and the village itself, the village has numerous monuments and architectural details, such as the Town Hall, the Imperial Fountain of Carlos III, the Arab baths, the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Collado, Jorge Manrique's House, the House of El Celemí­n, the Arch of Cavalcavia, the Puerta Catena Entrance and the Fuente Mora Fountain.

Its municipal district is included in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas National Park, the largest protected natural space in Spain: an orographic labyrinth of valleys, calares, gorges, mountains and flat lands of enormous hydrological importance (due to the numerous rivers and streams which spring within the Park); of great botanical importance (different varieties of pine trees and a lot of endemic species); it is also important aesthetically and from a wildlife point of view. Because of this it is one of the most visited and frequented natural spaces in the country.


The old Mediterranean civilizations felt a special attraction for these lands. In this way, Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginian and Romans worked its iron and silver mines.

It enjoyed great splendour during the Al-Andalus period, being called Saqura by the Arabs. It belonged to the Kingdoms of Denia, Saragossa, Murcia, and Al-Mutamid's Seville.

The master of the Order of Santiago Don Pelayo Gomez Correa reconquered the village in 1242. King Alfonso VIII gave it to the Order of Santiago.

Jorge Manrique, the poet, was born in this village. His father was the Comendador Rodrigo Manrique.

The village's castle, recently restored, was destroyed by Napoleonic soldiers during the War of Independence.

Eminent citizens

Jorge Manrique.
Abrahim Ben Mohamed, (poet)
Brother Martí­n de Ayala.

Segura de la Sierra
Segura de la Sierra
Segura de la Sierra
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