Capilla de la Piedad - Hermandad del Baratillo

Capilla de la Piedad - Hermandad del Baratillo
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The origins of Capilla de la Piedad chapel are similar to those of other churches in Seville. After the epidemic of 1649, a wrought iron cross was erected in the vicinity of the current chapel, in order to honour the deceased who were buried in this place. So fervent was the devotion to the Holy Cross, that years later a brotherhood was founded, which is currently called “Antigua y Fervorosa Hermandad de la Santa Cruz y Cofradía de Nazarenos del Santísimo Cristo de la Misericordia y Nuestra Señora de la Piedad, Patriarca Bendito Señor San José, y María Santísima de la Caridad en su Soledad”, popularly known as “El Baratillo”, which is the former name of the Arenal neighbourhood.

It has a narrow façade and on the lintel there is a broken pediment, with a modern stained glass window in the centre depicting the Pietà scene, donated by the Austria Pavilion after the Expo '92. The interior of the chapel is small, with a Latin cross floor plan, but with a single nave.

The main feature on the altarpiece is the sculptural ensemble of Pietà. The Virgin Mary was made by José Manuel Rodríguez Fernández-Andes, (1945-1950), and Cristo de la Misericordia was made by Luis Ortega Bru (1950). On the Epistle side of the crossing we can see María Santísima de la Caridad en su Soledad, made by José Manuel Rodríguez Fernández-Andes in 1931.

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Capilla de la Piedad - Hermandad del Baratillo
Calle Adriano, 15, 41001
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