Capilla del Mayor Dolor - Hermandad de Jesús Despojado

Capilla del Mayor Dolor - Hermandad de Jesús Despojado
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The Capilla del Mayor Dolor chapel, popularly known as the Chapel of Molviedro, is located in the square that bears the same name, in the heart of the city of Seville. This place was known as Laguna de la Pajeria or simply La Laguna ("The Pool"), because this area was prone to flooding and there were always pools of water here. The city's brothels could be found in this area.

The chapel was commissioned by Don Manuel Prudencio de Molviedro and was officially opened on Saturday, 4 September 1779.

The Capilla del Mayor Dolor chapel has a very simple façade, made up of two parts. It is a small chapel topped with an elegant and graceful belfry. It was built as a hall church and has one nave.

The chapel's brotherhood is called Nuestro Padre Jesús Despojado de sus Vestiduras, named after the image of Jesus that stands on the main altarpiece. On either side of the altarpiece we can see the image of Our Lady of Sorrows and Mercy, on the right, and the image of Saint John the Evangelist, on the left. 

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Capilla del Mayor Dolor - Hermandad de Jesús Despojado
Calle Doña Guiomar, 9, 41001
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