Academia de Baile Alicia Vega

Academia de Baile Alicia Vega
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The Alicia Vega Dance Academy is in Seville.

Alicia Vega was born in Seville 1972. She started to become interested in flamenco dancing at four years old, and when she was eight, she joined the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and Dance in Seville, and attended lessons in music and piano. Three years later, fascinated by dance, she focused her studies on this until today.

She finished her degree in Spanish dance and diploma in classical ballet:

  • Spanish dance. classical ballet, folk, stylised dance, bolera school, regional and flamenco dance.
  • Classical ballet. Technique and choreography.
  • Music, body language, clothing, make-up, anatomy for dance, history of dance, as well as teaching practice for these activities.

Once her dance studies were over, she continued to advance by attending the studios of famous dancers in Seville.

Her experience gained from these courses and master classes from great professionals channelled her tastes and matured her artistic expression:

  • Classical ballet: José Granero, Juan de Tena, Myria Plaf.
  • Bolera school: Tona Radely, Manuel Valdivia.
  • Classical Spanish: Victoria Eugenia, Goyo Montero, Francisco Núñez.
  • Regional dances: Juanjo Linares.
  • Makeup and characterisation: María Luisa Hornero.
  • Castanet technique: Pilar Ramírez.
  • Flamenco: Manuel Maya, Juán Manuel Fernández, Israel Galván, Eva “la Yerbabuena”, Beatriz Martín, Rafaela Carrasco, Adela Campallo, Antonio “el Pipa”, Mario Maya, Alejandro Granados, Rafael de Carmén, Antonio Canales.

In 1997, she opened her own Alicia Vega academy of dance, in Calle Jesús del Gran Poder street in Seville. Since then, she has been teaching dance to children and adults, while continuing her artistic training with several well-known teachers of today.

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Academia de Baile Alicia Vega
Calle Jesús del Gran Poder, 37, 41002
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