Parrilla Argentina Atahualpa

Parrilla Argentina Atahualpa
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Restaurante Parrilla Argentina Atahualpa opened in 1980, making it a pioneer for these speciality restaurants in Seville.

The Parrilla Argentina Atahualpa has always been managed by Argentinians, with regard to both service and in the kitchen, thus maintaining the sensation that you are in Argentina the moment you cross its threshold.

Its most famous and popular dishes are the bitel toné, the veal sweetmeats and the provoleta as starters. Main courses include red meat, such as its strip loin steaks, hanger steak and flank – meat brought to the table on a charcoal grill. Its most famous dessert is the home-made cheesecake with cranberries.

Monday and Tuesday: 1.30pm to 4pm and 9pm to 11pm. Wednesday: 1.30pm to 4pm. Thursday: 1.30pm to 4pm and 9pm to 11pm. Friday and Saturday: 1.30pm to 4pm and 9pm to midnight. Sunday: 1.30pm to 4pm.

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Parrilla Argentina Atahualpa
Calle Salado, 9, 41010
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