Andalusia – the Natural Choice

Naturally Close

A way of life where time doesn't matter

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Discover the fusion of the landscape with the Andalusian people and their centuries-old customs, thanks to the wine, cuisine and traditional crafts.

The value lies in uniqueness since time immemorial


Naturally Magical

Discover its magical, almost mythological character

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Discover one of the regions with the largest number of "World Heritage Sites".

And ethnographic and archaeological sites which blend harmoniously into the landscape, and make the land magical, almost mythological


Naturally Active

Natural contrasts across the scenery

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The largest network of protected nature areas in mainland Spain and a land of great scenic contrasts.

Find here the ideal setting to do many outdoor activities and enjoy nature.


Naturally Responsible

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways

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Biodiversity, Geodiversity, Starlight Reserves, Scientific Tourism and Ecological Agrotourism are gaining popularity with tourists in Andalusia.

Discover our sustainable ways of interacting with natural and cultural resources, with the lowest impact on the environment and geared towards responsible consumption.


8 natural gems across Andalusia

Andalusia's gems

Rural Tourism Capital 2021