Museo de Alfarería Paco Tito

Museo de Alfarería Paco Tito
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The Paco Tito Pottery Museum, “Memory of everyday things”, is set in a large old house located in the San Millán neighbourhood, the traditional home of the potters of Úbeda. The origins of the house are thought to date from the 15th-16th centuries. Its structure, as well as the arrangement of its courtyards, dryers, Arab kiln and shed still exactly conform to the traditional layout of the original houses-pottery workshops in Úbeda.

The museum covers three floors, and has a total of 12 rooms. The pottery workshop is located in the basement, which is where the pottery-making activities of several generations of the Tito family have taken place, and where before them, numerous potters since the time of the Andalusí reign kneaded, modelled and fired their lumps of clay according to ancestral techniques. This workshop has one of the six last Arab kilns still operating in Spain today.

On the ground floor is the space called “The Artist’s Corner”, which gives a more detailed idea of the personal history of the craftspeople who practiced this ancient skill: the potters themselves.

In the space dedicated to the shop and information, visitors can ask questions and buy a range of items.


Monday to Saturday, from 8 am. to 2 pm. and from 4 to 8 pm. Sunday and bank holidays, from 10 am. to 1.30 pm.

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Museo de Alfarería Paco Tito
Calle Valencia, 22, 23400

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