Ventas de Huelma

Ventas de Huelma
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26 km southwest of the capital of Granada, lies Ventas de Huelma. It shares the characteristics of the villages and towns on the Poniente Granadino (west side of Granada), which are becoming a tourist attraction due to the distinctiveness of the AREA (to the south the incomparable north face of Sierra Tejeda) as well as the features of those nearby the city of the Alhambra.


Ventas de Huelma derives from the Arab term wali'ma, meaning "banquet", probably due to the past existence of a recreational farmhouse under Muslim rule.
It is believed to have been the geographic centre of the old district called El Temple.
It is located in the old route of large farmhouses from Granada to Alhama, which is why its history is closely linked to both cities.
Ventas de Huelma
Ventas de Huelma
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Ventas de Huelma
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