Mirador del Cañón del Río Bailón

Mirador del Cañón del Río Bailón
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Located on the road that heads up to the Cueva de los Murciélagos, Cañón del Río Bailón View Point offers spectacular views of the canyon of the same name.

Some call it a river and others call it a stream, because while it normally always has water at its source, by the time it reaches Zuheros its course has noticeably dwindled and is frequently without water due to the permeability of the terrain en route.

Along its course, the Bailón stream gives way to Las Chorreras Waterfall, La Fuente de la Fuenfría, and the impressive rocky walls and hollows of the Canyon. This natural feature is formed by spectacular vertical walls of dolomitic rock and limestone that can reach heights of up to 100 metres. Opposite is the Monte Zumacal, a highly weathered quarry.

From the view point you can see numerous prehistoric caves in the surrounding hills. These include the sizeable El Fraile Cave. Inside, some Neolithic paintings have been found.

In addition to the impressive, panoramic views, you can observe the flight of numerous birds that nest on the sheer cliffs of the Bailón, such as the eagle-owl, kestrel, peregrine falcon and some crow species, represented by the common raven, western jackdaw and red-billed chough.

The Cañón del Río Bailón View Point is part of the Trail of the Ammonoids in the Sierras Subbéticas Geopark.

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Mirador del Cañón del Río Bailón
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