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2 little-known things to do in the Sierra de las Nieves

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An afternoon amongst species from the 5 continents and some playful little friends that will provide you with a really exciting experience!

In the following report, we travelled right to the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves, in the province of Malaga and declared a Biosphere Reserve. It is a paradise for nature-lovers and its biodiversity will astound you with impressive forests of "pinsapo" fir trees and the largest populations of mountain goats in Andalusia.

Mountains where green is the star wherever you look and where you simply have to make a stop at any viewpoint and be blown away by what you see.

Surprising mountains, full of little white villages for you to discover, gastronomic activities, hiking and lots more activities and places, from which we have chosen two not very well-known ones to introduce to you, and which we have grouped into a fun plan, for children and adults, with which you can learn, experience exciting sensations and discover species brought from the 5 continents. Intrigued? Would you like to know what we are talking about? Then… listen!

The best collection of cacti in all of Europe

The first place we want to present is in Casarabonela and is known as the 'Mora i Bravard' Botanical Garden of Cacti and Other Succulent Plants, where you will be amazed by species of cacti that look like they are from another planet.

Here, you will find one of the best collections of cacti and succulent plants in Europe, with a variety of no more and no less than 2500 species, from various botanical families.

As you enter, you can see that there are 2 well-defined spaces. First, an outdoor area, where there is an exhibition with the ornamental varieties of these species.

And second, an indoor part, in a greenhouse, where you will find species from around the world kept in controlled climatic conditions, from arid tropical climates to climates with great variation of temperature.

In short, in a small space and in less than 1 hour, you can take a journey across 5 continents through the colours, curiosities and magical shapes of species like the ones that await you here.

Apiflora - an experience amongst bees!

How would you like to kit yourself out in a real bee-keeper's outfit and wander amongst the beehives as they collect honey? An experience that is - at least - unusual, don't you think?

The activity that we present below is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting ones in the province of Malaga. It is not every day that you put on a beekeeper's outfit and learn all about our little friends in situ.

Being able to see up close how the honey flows from the honeycombs - what a sensation!

See the bees working as they gather honey going in and out of the beehives

But, above all, feeling the buzzing of their wings just centimetres away from us is an unbeatable experience that it is worth having at least once in your life. Don't doubt it!

So now you know, if you want to enjoy an afternoon amongst bees and strange species from the 5 continents that look like they are from another planet… you know where to find them - in the Sierra de las Nieves!


naturaleza y ocio colección de cactus cactus jardín de cactus abejas apiflora sierra de las nieves
2 little-known things to do in the Sierra de las Nieves
Casarabonela, Yunquera (Málaga)