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Festivals and terraces? Music and beers? Yes: summer is here!

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Good weather, heat… summer terraces with beers outdoors and pay close attention to the calendar of fabulous festivals that we have!

In Andalusia, the arrival of summer is synonymous with outdoors, friends and good weather, sunny days every day, milder temperatures, hot days bringing the first outdoor terraces that start up until the middle of September.

Nothing like a good beer outdoors, some tapas and, at nightfall… dancing till you drop.

And, with the arrival of the terraces and those first dances, the Andalusian festival circuit begins its circuit throughout Spain.

This is when calendars and stages begin to fill up with dozens of international groups who come to Andalusia enticed by the heat of the best of nightlife atmospheres with a spectacular climate to act in.

There are many that come back year after year on these long days of live music, buying their tickets still when they still don't even know if the performers are going to act.

The great party atmosphere, rhythm, sound almost 24 hours a day and good vibes are the perfect excuse for spending 2, 3 or even 4 days at a festival.

Performers such as Swing, Lenny Kravitz, Rosendo, Serrat, Alejandro Sanz, Steve Aoki or the South Americans Calle 13 are a good example of the level of participants that fill the stages of Andalusia.

One of the festivals that carries most weight is the famous Starlite in Marbella which is one of the most commercial on the national scene and whose fame has been earned little by little with fabulous line-ups, news of which has spread like wildfire around the biggest music fans.

But if the majority of festivals in Andalusia can be defined by anything, it is by their alternative nature.

More than events, we could describe them as "parties”, mostly with young people, ready to spend several days camping with the sole purpose of having a good time with friends and new people to the rhythm of the best international music.

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Rock, Indie, pop, the best electronic music, blues, jazz, flamenco… the huge Andalusian festival wheel that includes all musical styles…

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Next we have a small list with some of the most famous festivals on the Andalusian scene, which we hope you will enjoy.

  • Almanzora caves (Almería): Dreambeach Villaricos

  • Isla Cristina (Huelva): Anfirock Sound Festival

  • Torre del Mar (Malaga): Weekend Beach

  • Rota (Cadiz): AlRumbo

  • Ojen (Malaga): Ojeando Festival

  • Adra (Almería): The Juerga's Rock

  • Jaen: Cazorla Blues, Imágina Funk, Etnosur and Vértigo Estival.

Over time, the Andalusian festivals have made themselves a niche on the national scene where, every year, thousands of people come to Andalusia in summer, attracted by the music of our stages that we hope will capture you too with their rhythm and good vibes.


jovenes terrazas de verano festivales de andalucía
Festivals and terraces? Music and beers? Yes: summer is here!
Adra, Cazorla, Ejido, El, Isla Cristina, Jaén, Lepe, Marbella, Ojén, Rota, Vélez-Málaga (Almería, Cádiz, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga)