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8 terrifying ideas to enjoy Halloween 2022 in Andalusia


31 October sees the celebration of Halloween, of Celtic origin and with a tradition dating back over 3,000 years in Ireland. It came to Spain a number of years ago and is here to stay. Here are the 8 most terrifying ideas to enjoy Halloween 2022 in Andalusia.

1. The Labyrinth of Panic. Chiclana (Cádiz).

This year, the Municipality of Chiclana has prepared a 200-metre circuit in the Plaza de las Bodegas, one of many activities to be held to celebrate Halloween: The Labyrinth of Panic

As with any maze, once you enter you need to find the exit, which should be easy but this is not always the case... What if I told you that during the tour you will find a number of dead ends and terrifying characters?

Dare to live this adventure of audacity and courage that Chiclana has prepared for you. Free access without reservation!

2. Halloween Street. Chiclana (Cádiz).

If before we mentioned the intriguing labyrinth of panic, this other activity is not far from being another authentic terrifying and fast-paced experience. Halloween Street, as well as its Anglo-Saxon name indicates, means the celebration of Halloween partie on the street from October 28 to November 1.

This heart-stopping activity consists of wandering through the central streets of Chiclana while you will come across figures of up to 4 meters as the central axis in the town hall square and real characters parading everywhere that will seem straight out of an Alfred movie Hitchcock.

Without a doubt, an immersive experience that we recommend not to miss, in addition to spending time in a completely themed park, entering the Magical Market that will give you the best taste of a night that will make your hair stand on end.

Likewise, see a Zombie Party show, a horror film projection and when you will get hungry you can taste exclusive tapas from the Halloween tapas route among other activities!

3. Retro Halloween RTRN. Cartuja Stadium (Seville)

On 29 October you can enjoy one of Halloween's most famous music festivals: Retro Halloween RTRN 2022.

The 20th anniversary with the most exciting and terrifying festival  what includes horror film décor, 4 stages, videos, live performances by musical groups.

4. Warren File. (Almería).

Another terrifying performance by Callejón del Friki will take place in calle Granada 52.

In this 200 square-metre venue we challenge you to experience the latest Warren File horror adventure and to survive the experience, dead or alive!

9 or more actors will put on a show lasting an hour and a half, and we have no doubt that you will be an essential part of the story!

Information and bookings already available on (+34) 622 85 89 05

Are you up for the challenge?

5. 'Enchanted and Mysterious Huelva' Tour (Huelva).

One of the most successful and popular activities for Halloween 2022 in Huelva is 'Enchanted and Mysterious Huelva'. A tour of the hidden-away and mysterious corners of the city guided and dramatised by Platalea

The tour includes places where there are rumours of strange appearances, paranormal phenomena, legends, myths and mysterious occurrences.

This intriguing tour takes place on 28, 29_ 30 and 31 of October. Are you ready for a different Halloween experience? 

Timetable: 7pm to 10 pm | Price: €10

Meeting point: Plaza del Titán (at the top of the Costa Luz Shopping Centre). 

With the collaboration of the University of Huelva, UGT Huelva and the Huelva City Council.

More information and bookings HERE.

6.'Mysterious Granada' Tour (Granada).

A terrifying tour awaits you in Granada for Halloween 2022: Mysterious Granada. On this night tour of legends, mysterious appearances and haunted houses, the ancient city opens its doors to the magic that underlies the stones of the Alhambra while reliving terrifying occurrences and paranormal events related to the surrounding area.

You will also learn about real cases of exorcisms, witchcraft and inquisition, as well as parapsychological research on buildings inhabited by spectral presences. With video projections and real psychophony!

The activity will take place on 28, 29 of October starting at 10 pm. The tour lasts 2 hours and costs €13. 

Meeting point: Plaza Nueva (next to the fountain). 

Tickets can be BOOKED on https://rutasmisteriosas.es/

7.'Mysterious Jaén' Tour (Jaén).

When night falls the Holy Kingdom of Jaén awakens to present a strange, magical and mysterious city. We will take you on a different journey through the city's streets in search of traces of the mythical Solomon's Table, during which you will discover a number of building currently experiencing paranormal phenomena. 

You will also hear some chilling legends, find old mansion houses where spectral presences appear, learn about haunting characters and their stories, and much more on a tour that you are unlikely to forget.

The activity takes place on 29 and 30 of October at 9pm. The tour lasts 2 hours and costs €13. 

Meeting point: Moorish Baths (Plaza Santa Luisa de Marillac).

8.- Immersion Escape Room Sevilla (Seville).

The time has arrived for lovers of horror. This year it has arrived in the form of an Escape Room. From 12 October to 7 November, Escape Room Sevilla gives Halloween theme sessions with a touch of horror for those who are fans of this genre. There are 3 levels of intensity, one for children and people who are more likely to be scared, an intermediate level for the more adventurous, and finally, one reserved for those looking for something more extreme.

This activity is really cool and highly recommended for an experience full of fun, strategy and horror where you'll feel like you are playing a leading role in a horror film.

There are 6 interior rooms and 3 exteriors presented as if they were locations for shooting a film. 

You can choose from a selection of games, but if you're really looking for horror, the three we highly recommend are 'The doctor's appointment', 'Death Row' (voted one of the 10 best escape room games in 2017 by the Taty Hunter awards) and 'Saw Experience' (awarded a score of 9 out of 10 by a team off Horror Leisure experts).

An original way to enjoy Halloween that you really should not miss!

More information and bookings on https://immersionsevilla.es/

8 terrifying ideas to enjoy Halloween 2022 in Andalusia