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A destination where you can feel free

Playa de la Misericordia

Swim without barriers on the Costa del Sol and enjoy the best museums and historical heritage in Málaga, a benchmark city in accessibility.

Immerse yourself in the Málaga water, one of Andalusia's most accessible coasts.

Málaga is a city which suits everyone. Here you can enjoy a good swim without having to avoid obstacles. The city has eight points adapted for independent bathing on the beaches of  La MisericordiaGuadalmar,La Malagueta, PedregalejoEl PaloEl DedoSan Andrés y La Caleta.

At these points you will find everything you need to spend a day at the beach with absolute confidence. There is a car-park near the sand, an accessible WC, a concrete platform to the water's edge, adapted showers, amphibious chairs and even a play park for the disabled.

Not only that, on La Misericordia and El Dedo you'll find the "Enjoy the Beach” initiative, a free service to accompany you to the sea, with amphibious chairs, flotation material, amphibious crutches and a lift to help you in and out.

If you feel like eating, the Malaga coast is an exquisite place to sample locally caught fish and seafood. Throughout El Palo neighbourhood you'll find numerous beach bars right on the seafront. It is typical to see sardine kebabs, octopus, prawns and other delicious seafood right next to the beach. Perhaps one of the most fascinating places is  El Tintero II. Here, the waiters walk around the tables shouting out the dishes that they're carrying, so you need to be on the ball so someone else doesn't get what you want to eat.

Accessible cultural route. Don't miss a single stop!

The city of Málaga is a national benchmark as far as accessibility is concerned. The monumental and cultural offer is suitable for everyone.

For example, the Carmen Thyssen Museum holds the country's most comprehensive collection of Andalusian painting. You'll find it right in the centre of the city, in the 16th century Palace of Villalón. The facilities include lifts, ramps and adapted services.

The colourful cube of the Pompidou Centre in Málaga is a symbol of the city. The museum has a permanent collection of 20th and 21st century art. It is well known as a place which everyone enjoys equally, both those who are true lovers of culture and those who are not so much. Come and see for yourself! The complex has lifts, ramps and adapted services.

The spectacular Alcazaba de Málaga is another place in the city which has been adapted. You can take a lift directly to the highest part. Once there, you can move around and enjoy most of the areas in the monument via the ramps placed in the higher parts.

A bathroom on the first accessible beach in Andalusia, and a visit to the Bioparc tropical forest, the city's zoological gardens.

Did you know that the first accessible beach in Andalusia is in Fuengirola? If you go onto the beach of Las Gaviotas you'll see there is an access point just like those on the beaches of the city of Málaga. The area also has an adapted area for sunbathing or where you can be under the shade.

Fuengirola has other attractions for you. The city's zoo, Bioparc, is fully adapted with ramps and toilets throughout the enclosure. The Fuengirola Bioparc is a benchmark for European zoos. It is a modern zoo built so you can enjoy being immersed among the flora and fauna of a tropical forest.

The animals live in recreations of their natural habitat like Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia. It is considered to be a zoo without barriers in all senses of the word. Firstly, because those which separate the animals are themed or simply non-existent. And secondly, because it is totally accessible.

A destination where you can feel free
Fuengirola, Málaga (Málaga)