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A walk along the shores of the best beaches in Andalusia


Come and discover some of the best beaches in Andalusia, its sunsets and the best viewpoints. From the Costa de la Luz to bays of Malaga. From Cabo de Gata to the Costa Tropical of Granada. Are you coming?

A few months ago we asked followers of the andalucia.org social networks about their favourite beaches in Andalusia. From the golden beaches of golden sand in Huelva to the white sands of Cadiz. From the bays of Malaga and the tropical waters of the coast of Granada to the virgin and heavenly beaches of Cabo de Gata.

Picking one beach or one place on the Andalusian coast is impossible. Each beach has its moment and unique charm.

The beaches aren't the same. The coast of Malaga has nothing to do with the coast of Almería, Cadiz and Huelva. Nothing at all. In Andalusia we have no less than 1000 kilometres of coast for all tastes.

The light of the coast of Cádiz

The unspoilt beaches of Doñana in Huelva…

The beautiful cliffs of the coast of Málaga and its bays

The colour of the coast of Granada

Finally, the landscapes of Almería.

A tour of the best beaches in Andalusia and below we will put the names to some of the best beaches that our Andalusians recommended with their comments. Enjoy them!

Huelva, kilometres of golden sands

We're going to the marvellous Costa de la Luz and the beautiful Mazagón Virgin Beaches, next to the Doñana Park.

Nothing more and nothing less than 5 kilometres of sand golden, wide shorelines and all the relaxation needed to rest with your family, or just go for a stroll.

Enjoy intact shorelines. Untouched by man. As if time had stood still.

And the sunsets, on horseback where riding at dusk along the virgin shorelines of Doñana is a real delight.

Riding under the setting sun over sparkling golden sands is one of the best experiences available in Andalusia , which will stay etched in your mind like a priceless gift.

And from Mazagón we fly to the virgin beaches of the Flecha del Rompido

The Atlantic Ocean stretches from east to west, with the Flecha del Rompido in front.

No more or less than 12 kilometres or virgin sand ready for you to explore.

By exploring these paths of the Flecha del Rompido we can see the importance of the dunes, where numerous species of birds live and nest. Beaches with soft tones, large areas and magical sunsets , which make this a place of unrivalled beauty.

We can't leave Huelva without mentioning another of the beaches that you spoke so highly of: Punta del Moral.

To the South-east of the Huelva province, between the mouth of the Guadiana and Portugal, Punta del Moral is undoubtedly one of the favourite beaches of the Andalusian people, delightful landscapes where you can let time pass you by and unwind.

Granada and its tropical coast

And from Huelva we move on to the beaches of the Costa Tropical of Granada, its microclimate and its beautiful pebble beaches surrounded by clear water.

This area is famous for La Herradura Beach, which many of you recommended, and of course, the beautiful Calahonda.

The entire Costa Tropical coast has a sub-tropical microclimate with 320 days of sun and an average temperature of 20ºC, which makes this area the perfect place for growing tropical plants and the ideal destination to hide from winter.

Almería, untouched paradise

What can we tell you about Cabo de Gata that hasn't already been said? Its landscapes, its totally unspoilt coast, its bays, crystal-clear waters and fine sand… speak for themselves.

Thousands of travellers are seduced by this area every day and they fall in love with the sea breeze and landscapes of Cabo de Gata, choosing it as their Summer destination year after year.

From the beautiful beaches of Monsul.

To the beautiful Playa de los Muertos

The surfing and bohemian feel of the Genoveses beach.

Malaga, from Nerja to the Maro coves

And from Almería we move on to Malaga where the best atmosphere of the Costa del Sol reigns on its beaches and coves. Many of you, of course, recommended… beaches of Nerja.

Places such as the Balcony of Europe are perfect for all lovers of the sea and its colours.

And from Nerja, to the Maro cliffs and its many coves.

Like someone on a treasure hunt. That's what people feel like when they explore the Maro coastline. You don't know what cove you're going to find until you come across it.

Pebble beaches with crystal-clear waters, under the shelter of steep cliffs that protect hideaways like this one, which are waiting for you to discover.

Cadiz and its kilometres of sunsets

Finally, of course… the wonderful beaches of Cadiz. A delight for the majority of Andalusians.

The colour of its fine white sand shores, the turquoise waters…

There are no words to describe landscapes such as that of Bolonia Beach.

The golden sunsets on the endless shores of the Conil beaches.

Or the turquoise colour of the clean waters of Zahara de los Atunes.

Andalusia, sea of sea

The Mediterranean and Atlantic making their place from Huelva to Almería. No beach is the same as another. Beaches with the same identity, the same mother, Andalusia, but bathedin the magic of different sunsets, different cliffs, different colours from the sea, different colours of sand and water.

So now you know, come and get carried away by our hideaways, our beaches, our sea.


oasis de relax costa orillas las mejores playas de andalucía atardecer en la playa actividades acuáticas rocas
A walk along the shores of the best beaches in Andalusia
Almería, Cabo de Gata, Cádiz, Granada, Huelva, Málaga (Almería, Cádiz, Granada, Huelva, Málaga)