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A weekend discovering Autumn in the Sierra de Aracena mountains

Un fin de semana descubriendo el Otoño de la Sierra de Aracena (32)

A mountain of surprises, underground wonders, Iberian flavours, paths amongst gallery forests and dreamlike landscapes that we walked through for 3 days and which yopu can enjoy with your family o

The Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche covers the north of the province of Huelva with more than 180000 hectares and 600 kilometres of paths, which are famous amongst thousands of hiking enthusiasts who go to one of the best places in Andalusia to take wonderful walks. From meadows of holm-oaks, gall oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees, to areas of streams flanked by ash trees, poplar, willow and alders in the form of gallery forests, which will immerse you for a while in a tale of fantasy and colours. Colours, especially in the Autumn when we documented this article, fill the Sierra de Aracena with yellows, oranges, reds and all shades of ochre, that play a leading role a landscape that seems to be a living picture, and are a delight to look at with incredible landscapes bathed in colour.

Next, we suggest a 2- or 3-day trip, depending on the time you need, to discover the Sierra de Aracena like never before and enjoy intense experiences, which is why we travelled for 3 days at one of the most beautiful times of the year, to see the Sierra de Aracena mountains: the autumn. A journey we suggest that you enjoy with your family.

Or you might prefer a rural getaway with friends

You could go horse riding through the Sierra de Aracena and get a completely different perspective of each landscape you pass through.

Or on foot, enjoying the colours and smells of some on some of the best trails in Andalusia


Gastronomy and the typical dishes of the Sierra de Aracena

the best local cuisine together with the omnipresent Iberian ham

Or discovering the depths of the Sierra de Aracena by visiting spectacular places like the Gruta de las Maravillas caves...

This treasure was opened to the public over a hundred years ago, in 1913, and it lies under a leading feature of the Sierra de Aracena: the castle.

On the following route you will visit some of the most spectacular lookout points in these mountains, at altitudes of almost 800 metres, from which, on clear days, you can even see the sea, as is the case at the popular Peña de Arias Montano

Who would say that in the middle of the Sierra de Aracena there could be a mosque?


And a Moorish hammam where you can relax up in the mountains?

If I were to say that the planet Mars can also be visited in the Sierra de Aracena? Yes, Mars, you read well. I expect you would laugh and think that I am joking, but I promise you that in the Sierra de Aracena mountains, and more specifically in the Riotinto Mining Park, you can see places that look like another planet, that hold secrets and curious facts about the mining past of the town of Riotinto and where, with a little imagination and the train that will take you through the park, you can explore landscapes that have been studied by NASA. I won't say anymore.

As you can see, a tempting journey that invites you to explore an area of Andalusia that will surprise you by the number of unexpected hideaways you will find in the forest galleries and villages full of whitewashed houses, where boredom is impossible.

What should I do first in the Sierra de Aracena?

Here is an idea we came up with while documenting this report. The order of the places were chosen according to the best hours of daylight and locations to take things slowly and enjoy what the mountains have to offer.


  • An early-morning Andalusian breakfast
  • Horse riding in Galaroza (See experience)
  • Visit to the Peña de Arias Montano and its lookout points
  • Lunch consisting of typical Sierra de Aracena dishes in Linares de la Sierra
  • A walk through the town and a cup of coffee
  • Relax in the village's Moorish hammam (See experience)
  • Night in Linares de la Sierra


  • A second version of an Andalusian breakfast with high-quality ham and olive oil
  • Gruta de las Maravillas caves in the Sierra de Aracena (See experience)
  • Visit to the castle and church of Aracena
  • Almonaster la Real and its mosque
  • Short hiking tour (See recommended routes)
  • Picnic under chestnut trees 
  • Night in Fuenteheridos or El Castaño del Robledo

DAY 3 (optional)

  • Riotinto Mining Museum
  • Peña de Hierro
  • Mining railway
  • Picnic next to the "Cerro Colorado" lookout points or lunch in Riotinto
  • English neighbourhood and Corta Atalaya

What is the best time of year to visit the Sierra?

Any time of year is good, but we recommend spring when everything is so green and the meadows are full of colourful flowers, and autumn, which is the high season in this area, and not just because of the amazing colour of the trees that inundate the mountains, but also because of the seasonal mushrooms.

Where to sleep in the Sierra de Aracena?

There are endless options for accommodation in the Sierra de Aracena. There are many country houses for all types of budgets and tastes. From houses surrounded by chestnut trees with a fireplace to small wooden bungalows where you can spend a couple of nights. The village? Which ever one you prefer. Distances between both are quite small and to tell the truth, everything is close by, but small villages like Linares de la Sierra have a special charm which I love.

A weekend discovering Autumn in the Sierra de Aracena mountains
Almonaster la Real, Aracena, Galaroza, Minas de Riotinto (Huelva)